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  • Becoming Netsmart! – St. Joseph’s Adopts New Electronic Health Records Platform

    Imagine the scenario where Thomas R., who is being treated at our Keeseville Outpatient Clinic, is now referred to Inpatient care.While the process might seem straightforward, Inpatient clinicians will need Thomas’s notes, medications, and the many other elements of his treatment history.In years past, collecting this information proved time consuming and presented opportunity for error from missing data, hand-written notes that might have been poorly legible, and other factors.

Cinco de Mayo is traditionally observed to commemorate the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla, on May 5, 1862. This year at St. Joseph’s in Saranac Lake, the date also provided the theme for the beginning of the Sanctuary certification process for our Inpatient services.
“The Sanctuary surveyors arrive at Inpatient on May 15,” explains UR/Funding Manager, and Sanctuary Core Team member, Mya Ramirez, who partnered with Senior Counselor, Casey Visicaro to plan a kick-off event to further generate excitement for this important evolution for our community. “Cinco de Mayo and the day the surveyors arrive are close and provided a fun focus to begin the process,” Mya says.
Importantly, both staff and residents took part in the festivities, which included Sanctuary Jeopardy, and creating hope stones (glass stones decorated with Sanctuary messages), all followed by a South of the Border-themed lunch.
As Casey shares, “The Sanctuary …

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