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  • A welcome from St. Joseph’s Chairman of the Board

    I am honored to assume the responsibilities of Chairman of the Board of Directors for St. Joseph’s Addiction Treatment & Recovery Centers. It is a privilege to follow outgoing Chairman, Steven DeMartino, in whose very capable hands we were led these past years.

Each Sunday, Inpatient residents come together in our Spirituality Center to share original poetry, readings, and songs (often composed while at St. Joseph’s) and which are focused on a topic meaningful to recovery.
A recent theme centered around the concept of the courage often necessary to affect significant change in our lives.
To contribute to the morning, Inpatient resident, Amanda W., offered the following poem:
Most days I want to throw my hands up,
but I always tell myself not to give up.
Each minute that passes by,
I wonder more and more why.
Too many times I’ve made bad choices,
while trying to block out the other voices.
I don’t mean about in my head,
I mean about all the fake friends.
The ones I wish were really true,
but they have proved it too hard to be pure.
Sometimes I try more than I should,
hoping and praying they could and would.

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