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I am pleased to write that Pendragon Theatre  and St. Joseph’s are beginning a dialogue to explore opportunities to engage our residents and staff in the theater’s productions and associated activities. 
“Theater is all about collaboration and community,” stated Allison Studdiford, a director with Pendragon during Pendragon’s visit with St. Joseph’s PAL team earlier this week. “It’s also about trust developed through acting classes and performing. It’s a wonderful way to experience making good choices or bad choices, because it’s all pretend without the repercussions of real life. And in this way, theater can be very therapeutic.”
And this is where the community of St. Joseph’s comes in. Although our Veteran residents have been attending dress rehearsals at Pendragon for the past few years, there is now an opportunity for collaboration with the theatre in a wide variety of activities beginning with acting classes, improvisational acting classes, design and stagecraft workshops, tech …

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