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  • St. Joseph’s Expands CASAC Training Program

    St. Joseph’s is well known throughout our region for providing excellent addiction treatment, and as a resource for addiction-related information.

    In recent years, St. Joseph’s has also developed the capacity for providing education and training on subjects related to addiction for residents throughout several of our rural counties.

  • St. Joseph’s Develops Unique Hepatitis C Treatmet Program 

    St. Joseph’s Deputy Director of Medical Operations, Shelley Boucher, RN, and Medical Director, Dr. Hector Biaggi

    “For the last few years there has been a faster cure with fewer side effects for Hepatitis C other than Interferon treatment”,  St. Joseph’s Deputy Medical Director, Shelley Boucher, RN says, and “We are one of just a few facilities outside of those with an Infectious Disease Department to have a treatment program for this condition” she adds, referring to St. Joseph’s new Hepatitis C treatment program.”

This past Monday, several Inpateint residents participated in a “Poetry Slam”, which is an informal competition invented in the 1980s to draw attention to the art of performance poetry.
The contest was “judged” by enthusiastic members of the audience.
Among the many entrants is the follwoing emotional piece, My Stress, by Randell D.
My Stress by Randell D.
(Oh) some days, I just wanna leave the negativity in my head I just want relief from my stress
I just want relief from my stress (Oh)
some days, I don’t wanna see or
Have a bunch of people to impress
Yeah, I just want relief from my stress (Oh)
[Verse 1]
Late nights (Late nights), starin’ out the window doin’ 85
Got my state of mind
Yeah, walkin’ on that gray line
Hopin’ that my stress dies
It’s like I hate it but I love it at the same time (Oh) (Sam􀀽 …

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