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  • Responding to Meet the Need

    As St. Joseph’s continues to respond to the increasing heroin and opioid epidemic, I am pleased to share wilth all in our community the news that this week we received notification from the Governor’s office that St. Joseph’s, along with five other treatment agencies in the State, have received awards to establish withdrawal and stabilization services, also known as “detox” services.

Most of us enjoy a meal at least once a day, if not the recommended three times. Addicts typically do not. If you are obsessed with a substance, and compulsive about its use, eating is not a priority. Given ten-dollars and a choice between a meal and a fix, addicts are going to pick the drugs. It is what contributes to make this disease so devastating.
At Rose Hill, three meals a day and a snack are a regular routine. The team that prepares these meals, Margret, Angie, and KC, consistently and routinely provide wholesome, home cooked meals three times a day. This is a radical change for many of our residents. The first change is the structure and balance of the meals. Three of them, every day, at around the same time, where you are expected to sit at a table, and …

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