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  • Fr. Emil Hall Dedicated

    This past Sunday, the last day of the 45th Annual Fellowship Reunion, St. Joseph’s dedicated the property on our main Inpatient campus formerly known as the “White House” as Fr. Emil Tomaskovic S. A. Hall in recognition and gratitude for Fr. Emil’s commitment to St. Joseph’s mission of hope and healing. Fr. Emil served as our Executive Director from 1981 until 1989.

  • Addiction Studies Training Program Provided at FCI Ray Brook

    One of the more unique educational programs St. Joseph’s provides is the Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor Core Curriculum Training program at the nearby Federal Correctional Institution in Ray Brook and under the supervision of Community Services Director, Robin Gay.

Recently, Communications Director, Jim Grant, sat with CTO and HR Director, Katie Kirkpatrick, to discuss the 2017 Leadership Academy and learned the following:
What is the Leadership Academy?
The idea of the Leadership Academy began back in 2009 when I had the privilege to be mentored by the Executive Deputy Director of OASAS, Kathleen Caggiano – Siino.
The concept of the Academy grew out of the reality that in the field of addiction treatment we have some very specific licensure requirements and it can be difficult to find people with the necessary credentials in the North Country. And, with the talent that St. Joseph’s has attracted, we wanted to enhance the desire of those individuals identified with the potential to become managers and leaders in the organization.
What will participants learn?
Each member of the staff has their own professional development plan and through that plan they can be recommended by their Director to …

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