St. Joseph’s is well known throughout our region for providing excellent addiction treatment, and as a resource for addiction-related information.

In recent years, St. Joseph’s has also developed the capacity for providing education and training on subjects related to addiction for residents throughout several of our rural counties.

A significant development in this area is, under the direction of Director of Engagement and Development, Tom Higman, our offering Certified Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) classes to individuals interested in providing direct clinical care services and substance use disorder counseling.

Rates of post traumatic stress disorder and exposure to violence among incarcerated males and females in the U.S. are exponentially higher than rates among the general population; yet, abrupt detoxification from substances, the pervasive authoritative presence, and sensory and environmental trauma triggers can pose a threat to individual and institutional stability during incarceration and post-incarceration treatment.


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