At our 63-bed coeducational inpatient facility in Saranac Lake, clients generally reside with us for 90 days, an extended stay that is longer than most treatment facilities. Experience proves that a lengthened, holistic approach to chemical dependency treatment is very effective in attaining and maintaining sobriety. Our comprehensive program focuses on client-centered care addresses the specific needs of each client.

Our Integrated Holistic Approach to Treatment:

Beginning with a thorough assessment, individuals move through a time-tested process of education, individual therapy and group counseling. St. Joseph's unique mountain setting inspires reflective thought and introspection. The physical environment of our treatment center complements the therapeutic process, easing the mind and elevating the individual above the addiction. St. Joseph's inpatient services include:

  • Comprehensive Evaluations: nursing/medical, bio-psycho-social, psychiatric evaluations and medication monitoring.
  • Educational Presentations: substance use disorders, chemical dependency, pharmacological aspects of addiction, self-esteem, health/tobacco, HIV/AIDS, emotions, relationships/love, relapse prevention, etc.
  • Individual Counseling: nutrition, family relationships, STDs, nicotine dependence, educational videos, trauma and abuse.
  • Specialized Groups: women's groups, men's anger management, conflict resolution, assertiveness training, life skills, grief, transition/treatment to aftercare, spirituality, GED classes, job readiness, mindfulness based relapse prevention.
  • Pastoral Care Services: individual sessions, spirituality, grief issues, resentments to forgiveness, prayer & meditation.
  • Recreation: yoga, Tai Chi, aerobics, arts & crafts, snowshoeing and hiking.

Specialized Services: St. Joseph's integrated approach to addiction treatment addresses all aspects of personal recovery. We offer individualized lengths-of-stay, extensive family services, mental health services for co-occurring disorders, spirituality, recreation therapy, a statewide supportive fellowship network, specialized services for women, and treatment approaches focusing on the needs of clients involved in the legal system.

Adirondack Therapeutic Recreational Activities: Therapeutic recreation is an important element of our treatment approach. We encourage each individual to take advantage of the facility's pristine mountain environment participating in a variety of outside activities including nature walks, hiking, volleyball, and many other recreational opportunities.

St. Joseph's philosophy is that recreational pursuits build stamina, confidence and mental and physical strength. The activities serve to inspire creativity, encourage problem solving and promote team building—skills that translate into other aspects of personal rehabilitation.

Intensive Spiritual Program: We believe that an affirming relationship with self, others and a higher power of one's personal understanding is critical to successfully recovering from the disease of addiction. At St. Joseph's spirituality has an important place in everyone's recovery program, no matter whether one is a believer in a god, is an atheist, or agnostic. Accordingly, residents are assisted in developing a spiritual recovery program through supportive relationships and through fellowship with one another.

Aftercare: From the onset of treatment, St. Joseph's works with each individual to establish goals and to create an action plan for continuing recovery. Residents must be open to aftercare planning, which may include a stay of three (3) months in a Guest House or 6 - 12 months or more in a community residence or other alcohol and drug free residence upon successful completion of St. Joseph's inpatient program. The individual's referring source maybe actively involved in the Aftercare Planning process.

Family Program: St. Joseph's provides a variety of valuable services for the family and friends of individuals suffering from chemical dependency.

St. Joseph's has developed a unique and distinguished family services model that has positively changed many lives over the last 25 years. It consistently receives a 95% satisfaction rating and is the first residential service of its kind in New York State. The program provides an unparalleled opportunity for those affected by chemical dependency to become educated about addiction and to learn skills for enhancing the quality of life.

Our treatment center offers a 3-day residential family program which includes the following:

  • 3-day on-site program for Family Members
  • Food and Lodging
  • Educational and Direct Therapeutic Components in Professional and Supportive Environment
  • Family Members Provided With Resources for Helping Themselves and Addicted Loved Ones

People with addiction often turn to St. Joseph's because they feel they have ruined their lives and have no idea how to begin new lives of hope and joy. They are not alone in being affected. Family members also reach a point of desperation. By the time families come into contact with St. Joseph's they are not only depleted emotionally, they are often on the brink of financial ruin. Whether you or a loved one is struggling with chemical dependency and addiction, we can help. Contact our Admissions Office today. 

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